SD Vojvodina

Vojvodina Novi Sad ( officially: SD Vojvodina or Sportsko Društvo Vojvodina, Sport Society of Vojvodina, and SD Vojvodina Novi Sad and Sportsko Društvo Vojvodina Novi Sad, Sport Society Vojvodina Novi Sad ) is a Serbian sports club from Novi Sad, the second largest city in Serbia. Was founded the sports club in 1914 and is today one of sports clubs in 22 different sports, next to Red Star Belgrade and Partizan Belgrade, the largest sports clubs in the region.

Especially famous is the club for its football team, basketball team handball team, volleyball team and water polo team. In addition to several national titles, the sports club also had success at the European level. One of the greatest successes include:

  • Reaching the quarter-finals in the European Cup of Champions 1966/67, but lost to eventual winners Celtic Glasgow
  • Subject to winning the Intertoto Cup in 1976 and reaching the finals in 1998, where you can almost Werder Bremen
  • Winning the Mitropa Cup in 1977, and the achievement of the Mitropa Cup finals in 1957.
  • Winning the third place during the Volleyball Champions League in 1989, as well as reaching the semi-finals in 1996
  • Winning the third place during the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1983, as well as reaching the semi-finals of the Top Teams Cup in 2006, the then second highest European Cup competition in men's volleyball.
  • Winning the Pannonian Liga 2009, a former South Eastern European Hockey League for men.

This Vojvodina Novi Sad is one of the most successful sports clubs in Southeastern Europe.

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