SDC San Antonio

Sociedad Deportiva Cultural San Antonio was a Spanish handball club from the city of Pamplona. In the 1990s, the association established in the Spanish League ASOBAL to soar to one of the best teams in the world in the new century. The handball team coached by Francisco Equísoain twice won the Spanish league titles ( 2002, 2005 ) and twice the Spanish Cup competition (1999, 2001). Internationally, the club was very successful. 2001 sat down with winning the Champions League crown of European handball on. Two more finals (2003, 2006) are also on the account as two successes in the European Cup Winners' Cup (2000, 2004) and winning the club championship in 2000. In April 2013, the club was liquidated after the debt of 2.8 million euros could not be settled.

Name change

The club was also known by the name of his current main sponsor. From 1997 to 2009, San Antonio Portland, a cement factory, sponsored. For the season 2009/10 he moved to Reyno de Navarra, 2010/11 to AMAYA Sport.


  • Spanish Cup: 2002, 2005
  • Copa del Rey de Balonmano: 1999, 2001
  • EHF Champions League: 2001
  • European Cup Winners' Cup: 2000, 2004
  • EHF Champions Trophy: 2000

Well-known former players

  • Ivano Balic
  • Ion Belaustegui
  • Dirk Beuchler
  • Alexandru Buligan
  • Prior Dominiković
  • Mateo Garralda
  • José Hombrados
  • Kasper Hvidt
  • Mikhail Jakimowitsch