Sde Boker

30.87454722222234.792211111111Koordinaten: 30 ° 52 'N, 34 ° 48 ' E

Sede Boker, also Sde Boker (Hebrew שדה בוקר on German " Field of the Shepherds" ) is a kibbutz in the central Negev ( the desert of Zin ) about 50 kilometers south of Beersheba on the road to Mitzpe Ramon.

The Kibbutz Sede Boker is one of the most famous ever. The reason is that here the state of Israel founder and former Prime Minister David Ben -Gurion had a house; His grave lies a few kilometers south of the kibbutz in the " Ben- Gurion Academy " ( Midreschet Ben Gurion ). Founded by Ben Gurion " Negev University" deals primarily with the question of the use and development of desert areas. It forms a part of the Ben- Gurion University of the Negev in Be'er Sheva. However Midreschet Ben Gurion considered as an independent village.

Sede Boker was founded on 15 May 1952 by former soldiers. Ben Gurion came in the following year in the kibbutz, after he had resigned. Behind Ben -Gurion's decision to join the desert kibbutz, was to "bring the desert bloom " of the Zionist dream. Especially after the Israeli state was founded in May 1948, a number of such settlements, specifically the desert should be made for agricultural use by the. After a few months, however, Ben Gurion went first again in politics and retired in 1963 after finally Sede Boker, where he died in 1973.

The kibbutz lives among others of agriculture ( viticulture, fruit, chicken farming ). He also operates a factory for adhesive tape. Tourist attractions are the Nabatean Avdat city ruins and the oases of En Avdat and En Aqev.