Sde Nahum

Sde Nahum ( שְׂדֵה נַחוּם ) is a kibbutz in Emeq ha - Ma'ajanot in northern Israel.

The kibbutz is located 4 km north- west of Beit She'an and had in 2005 about 50 families and 550 inhabitants.


Sde Nahum was founded on January 5, 1937 by members of the Sadehgruppe the Mikveh Israel agricultural school, and also of Austrian, German and Polish immigrants. It was first called Kibbutz HaSadeh, but then renamed in honor Nachum Sokolow of the President of the World Zionist Organization and the Hebrew writer in Sde Nahum. There were found in kibbutz ruins of a Byzantine church from the fifth to the sixth century.

The Nobel laureate Arieh Warshel was born in 1940 in Sde Nahum.