Sderot Sderot or? / I, (Hebrew שדרות, in German "Boulevard ", Arabic سديروت, Sidīrūt DMG ) is a city in southern Israel. It was in 1951 on the land of Palestinian village Najd (Arabic نجد, DMG Naǧd ) founded whose inhabitants expelled in 1948 by the Haganah to Gaza and the village itself had been completely destroyed. The former residents and their descendants still live as refugees in the Gaza Strip. Sderot is located in the western part of the Negev desert close to the northern Gaza Strip.

General Information

Sderot has about 19,300 inhabitants ( 2007), about forty percent of them are new migrants who have moved after 1990 from the former Soviet Union. Sderot was settled in the years after the Israeli state was founded (1948) and promoted as many other developing cities targeted. The city still could not develop into a regional center there.

Former Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz has a house in Sderot. Near the city possessed the former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon a farm.

The Sapir College south of the town in the district Sha'ar Hanegev location was an academic partnership with the University of Applied Sciences Trier in December 2005.

Rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip


Gained international recognition Sderot because it is repeatedly attacked since 16 April 2001 Qassam rockets from the nearby Gaza Strip. In June 2004 people were killed in such an attack for the first time. Since Israel's withdrawal from Gaza in the summer of 2005, the attacks have increased dramatically. The number of in Israel, mostly on Sderot, fired rockets rose in the period from 2001 until January 2009 to over 8600th In 2004, the ongoing attacks were an important reason for the military action "Days of Repentance ". In the period that followed there were further military action by Israel, most recently Operation Cast Lead.

In Sderot, the only component of the Tactical High Energy Laser Systems, developed by an Israeli company early warning radars located in earnest use is because of the attacks. It works in about eighty percent of the cases. From the sounding of the early warning system ( " Tseva Adom " to German " Red " ), however, remain to impact the rocket only about fifteen seconds to get to safety.

Assault victims in the past

Mid-November 2006 there was a large number of rocket attacks that claimed two lives within a few days and several people injured severely. The attacks continued in the following weeks; A delegation of 70 diplomats who attended at the invitation of Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on 23 November, the city, left the city only 20 minutes before a new attack with Qassam rockets. On 12 December 2007 fell more than 20 rockets at Sderot, to which the city's mayor, Eli Moyal, unexpectedly announced his resignation. In January and February of 2008, over 1,000 rockets were fired at Sderot; this was the end of February a man on the campus of Sapir College killed.

Kibbutz Migwan

Migwan (Hebrew: מגוון, German: Diversity ) is a small kibbutz in Sderot.

The kibbutz was founded in 1987. Since its creation, the kibbutz of the left Zionist kibbutz Association ha - Kibbutz ha - Arzi belonged to ( country kibbutz federation), which, however, in the umbrella organization of ha - ha - Tenua Kibbuzit ( the kibbutz movement ) rose in 1999. 2005 lived in the urban kibbutz about 50 people. Migwan is a modern kibbutz with traditional influences. He has a collective industry with joint ventures, joint cultural institutions and events as well as weekly meetings. In contrast to the traditional socialist kibbutzim there Migwan in private ownership, such as the income and private property. Today the kibbutz is home to about 10 families as well as internet and service companies.