SDF is an abbreviation for:

  • Stock symbol of the German salt mining company K S
  • Louisville Airport, Kentucky ( IATA code )
  • SAME Deutz -Fahr, Italian farm equipment manufacturers
  • Self Defense Forces, the Japanese forces, see Self-Defense Forces
  • Side stream dark field imaging, sidestream dark-field imaging, dark field microscopy, see # Sidestream Dark Field Imaging
  • Signed Distance Field a solid body in the field of 3D animation / Physical Simulation
  • Simultaneous Dual Frequency, an inductive heating method preferably used for surface hardening of gears
  • Social Democratic Federation, first Socialist Party of Great Britain founded in 1881
  • Social Democratic Front, a party in Cameroon, see front social démocrate
  • Stromal cell-derived factor 1, a peptide that controls the targeted migration of stem cells, see CXCL12
  • Alto Digital TV
  • Super Dimension Fortress, a non-profit access provider for UNIX systems, see SDF Public Access Unix System
  • Swiss Dairy Food, former Swiss milk processing plant
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