SDP or Sudeten stands for


  • (Founded in 1989, 1990 combined with the SPD in the Federal Republic) Social Democratic Party in the GDR, a former political party in the GDR
  • Sudeten German Party ( Sudeten ) is a former political party in Czechoslovakia
  • Socijaldemokratska Partija Hrvatske (Social Democratic Party of Croatia )
  • Socijaldemokratska partija of Bosnia and Herzegovina ( Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Social Democratic Party ( United Kingdom)
  • Social Democratic Party of Finland
  • Sosyalist Demokrasi Partisi (Party of Socialist Democracy ) is a political party in Turkey
  • Social Democratic Party ( Japan)
  • Democratic Party of Sandžak a political party in Serbia
  • Singapore Democratic Party

In addition, SDP, or Sudeten bp stands for

  • Stonedeafproduction, a Berlin-based pop duo, see SDP ( band )
  • Sudeten German press ( Sudeten ) - press service of Sudeten German team (SL) or Sudeten German Homeland Association in Austria ( SLÖ )
  • IATA airport code for the city Sandpoint in Alaska
  • Service Delivery Platform
  • Service Discovery Protocol
  • Session Description Protocol
  • Software Distribution Point
  • Service Distribution Path
  • Sockets Direct Protocol
  • Steyr Daimler Puch AG
  • Boiling point
  • Sudanese Pound
  • SDP Multimedia ( Streaming Download Project), a program with which you can save Windows Media streams from the Internet to the local hard disk
  • Pythagorean theorem, a term used in Euclidean geometry computation block
  • Game Misconduct penalty in ice hockey
  • Semidefinite programming in mathematics
  • Voice of the Palatinate, magazine
  • Subdominantenparallele, see function theory

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