Sea anchor

Sea anchor to reduce drift or the forward movement of a ship or hold a watercraft in the wind or in the flow. They offer resistance by the train in the water without touching the ground. You can choose from a floating larger object (eg, an attached to a rope fender ) or of a funnel-shaped canvas bag ( also Lenz bag) exist. In an emergency (eg, a storm ) can also be attached to anything floatable on a rope and used as a sea anchor to weather the ship. A sea anchor does not function as a regular anchor.

Use in ancient times

Even in ancient sea anchor used. Only with their use as a drive ships could then pass from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, the Strait of Gibraltar.

Use with canyoning

Canyoning is a sea anchor is used to overcome dangerous currents. The tensioned by the anchor rope is used while rappelling as a guide, not to be detected, for example, by the reverse current of a waterfall.