Seagrave Fire Apparatus

The Seagrave Fire Apparatus LLC is an American manufacturer of fire fighting vehicles, which has specialized in pumping and rescue vehicles and turntable ladders. In addition to the construction of new vehicles restored, repaired and improved the company older Seagrave fire engines. Even reconditioned equipment it according to the guidelines of the National Fire Protection Association. Seagrave Fire Apparatus is the main supplier of the New York City Fire Department and the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Seagrave was founded in 1881 in Detroit, Michigan by Frederic Seagrave and moved to 1891 to Columbus, Ohio. In 1963, the company of the Four Wheel Drive Auto Corporation was bought out and moved its headquarters to Clintonville, Wisconsin.

Randolph Lenz, CEO of the parent company of Four Wheel Drive, Corsta Corporation, was involved ( American Deposit Protection Fund ) in a case to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and 2003, the total value of Four Wheel Drive, the Four Wheel Drive Corporation, Seagrave, Baker Aerial Scope and Almonte Fire Trucks, sold to an investment group, which projects the former board member of American LaFrance, James Hebe. Today Seagrave is the most important companies in the ELB Capital Management Group.

Seagrave operates in the United States works in Clintonville and Rock Hill, South Carolina, is official outlet of the General Services Administration and supplies the U.S. federal agencies with fire fighting equipment.

Branch in Canada

In 1900 Seagrave opened a plant in Canada and offered until 1936 occasionally to their entire range of fire-fighting vehicles. After an alliance with the well-known Canadian manufacturer of fire engines, RS Bickle & Co. were " kanadisierte " versions of American Seagrave vehicles in Bickle 's plant in Woodstock, Ontario built and sold under the name Bickle - Seagrave. After several changes of ownership and a closure in 1956 made ​​the Bickle successor company, the King - Seagrave Ltd.. , With production from Seagrave Fire Department vehicles on a large scale until 1973 on. At this point the Four Wheel Drive Corporation decided not to renew the license agreements. King introduced until 1985 fire engines forth on commercial vehicle chassis. Today Seagrave has its Canadian plant in Carleton Place, Ontario.


1960 Seagrave dealt with the construction of a small, two-door hardtop coupe. The car had 2,362 mm wheelbase and was 3708 mm long. It was powered by a side-valve four-cylinder in-line engine of the type Continental F162, the 2654 cc (162 ci) and had 65 bhp (48 kW) made ​​.

However, it emerged only three prototypes, two with fiberglass body and an aluminum body. The 770 kg heavy vehicles (CSF ) should cost 3000 U.S. dollars. Ultimately, however, decided Seagrave, to concentrate on its core competence and renounced its previously announced production.


  • Marauder II - date
  • Marauder - set
  • Attacker - date
  • Commercial - date
  • Commander II - set
  • Commander - set
  • Flame - set

Fire engines

  • Pump trucks Custom Pumper
  • Commercial Pumper
  • Commercial Quick Attack Pumper
  • Custom Pumper Tanker
  • Commercial Pumper Tanker
  • Custom Rescue Pumper
  • Commercial Rescue Pumper
  • Ladders Aerial Scope Tower Ladder II
  • Force Aerial Ladder
  • Mean Stick Quint
  • Tractor Drawn Aerial Ladder
  • TowerMAX Rear Mount Platform Tower Ladder
  • TowerMAX Mid- Mount Tower Ladder Platform
  • Tank vehicles Custom Tanks
  • Commercial tanker
  • Rescue vehicles Specialist Rescue / HazMat