Season of the Inundation

Achet designated in the Egyptian calendar the season of flooding, which began in Elephantine usually in early June, before the Nile flood arrived around 20 to 22 June in the Nile Delta. On Achet followed by periods Peret and Schemu.


Closely associated with the onset of Akhet season was originally the goddess Sopdet, represented by the star Sothis. From the predynastic period until the end of the Middle Kingdom represented Achet the months Wepet - renpet, Techi, Menchet and hat - heru and covered the period from early June to early October; with the beginning of the New Kingdom about 31 August to 28 December.


Alan Gardiner as well as Richard Anthony Parker suggests that the months during the calendar year history changed the shape and shifted by about 30 days back. This was due to the coupling of Sopdet to the heliacal rising of Sirius, the BC slowly walked to the end of the second millennium to the beginning of July and was ultimately responsible for the relocation of months. For this reason advanced for example, the month Ka -her- ka to the fourth place, while Wepet - renpet moved to the position of Mesori.

Original Monthly Distribution

  • Wepet - renpet: early June to early July
  • Techi: early July to early August
  • Menchet: early August to early September
  • Hat - heru: early September to early October


Due to the lunar calendar data in the Battle of Megiddo, the following datings for the first day of the month result (from Sunrise ) of Akhet - months: