Seawaymax is a size specification for ships. It refers to ships that can still just fit through the locks of the St. Lawrence Seaway, the connection between the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. You are 225.6 m ( 740 ft) long, 23.8 m (78 ft) wide, have a draft of 7.9 m and a height above the water surface of 35.5 m. Thus, this class is less than the Panamax class.

On the Great Lakes, there are some larger cargo ships that do not correspond to the dimensions of the locks and are thus limited to use on the Great Lakes. Of course, this size limit also limits the tonnage of vessels for which the record is 28,500 t, while on the Great Lakes up to 72,000 t achieved. Nevertheless, most of the new ships are limited to the extent described herein.

Vessels greater than Seawaymax who are trapped on the Great Lakes, are called ( real ) Lakers, Seawaymaxschiffe sometimes as improper Lakers; if they are seaworthy, as Salties.

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