Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach ( born April 3, 1968 in Freeport in the Bahamas as Sebastian Philip Bierk ) is the former lead singer of Skid Row.


After an invitation from Dave " The Snake" Sabo Sebastian Bach joined in 1986 the group Skid Row with. After being thrown out of the band in 1995 he founded a new band called Sebastian Bach and Friends. He played on Broadway in the known pieces of The Rocky Horror Show and Jekyll & Hyde.

Sebastian Bach also appeared irregularly on as a guest star in the series Gilmore Girls. There he plays the musician Gil.

In 2006, he performed with his band opening for Guns N 'Roses and sang together with Axl Rose, with whom he is good friends, the song " My Michelle ".

In November 2007 his solo album Angel Down was released. On the album produced by Roy Z it comes with three songs to a guest appearance by Axl Rose ( among others, the cover version of Aerosmith 's classic " Back in the Saddle "). In the published in 2008 Guns N 'Roses album Chinese Democracy Bach sings the backing vocals of the song Sorry.

In September 2011, appeared Bach's Kicking & Screaming studio album. It was produced by Bob Marlette and published by Frontiers Records. In March 2013 appeared to the live album ABachalypse Now.

In March 2014, appear a new album, which is also produced by Bob Marlette. On this album are among others Duff McKagan, John 5 and Steve Stevens play. Bach has already sung a guest post on McKagans solo album Believe In Me More musicians Devin Bronson ( ex Avril Lavigne, ex- Pink) on guitar and Bobby Jarzombek ( Fates Warning, Riot, Halford ) on drums. The album will be called Give ' Em Hell.

2013 claimed Bach, Mötley Crüe had asked him to Vince Neil's exit, if he wanted to replace it. Nikki Sixx responded angrily to these statements, accusing Bach of lying. Then Bach posted on his Facebook page an interview in which Nikki Sixx himself about 1994 reported to have first, then asked Bach Steve Perry of Journey, and most recently John Corabi.


His marriage with Maria Bierk has failed. They have two sons and a daughter.

Solo discography

Studio albums

  • The Last Hard Men ( 1997)
  • Frameshift - An Absence Of Empathy (2005)
  • Angel Down (2007)
  • Kicking & Screaming (2011)
  • Abachalypse Now (2013 ) - Live album with DVD