Sebring (Florida)

Highlands County


Sebring is a city and also the county seat of Highlands County in the U.S. state of Florida with 10,491 inhabitants ( 2010).


The metropolitan area surrounding the Lake Jackson. Orlando is about 130 km away and Tampa is 140 kilometers.


Sebring is known beyond the borders of the Sebring International Raceway circuit on which the 12 - hour race at Sebring is discharged. In the 1959 Formula 1 season here, even the first Grand Prix of the United States was organized.


At Sebring, there are 69 different churches from 28 different denominations. Among the belonging to a denomination churches the Baptist church is best represented with 15 churches. Furthermore, there are 9 no denomination belonging churches ( as of 2004).


According to the 2010 census, the then 10,491 inhabitants distributed to 5,623 households. The population density was 788.8 inh. / Km ². 76.0 % of the population were white, 14.7% African American, 0.7 % Native American and 1.4% Asian Americans. 4.5% were members of other ethnic groups and 2.7% in different ethnic groups. 17.6 % of the population were Hispanic or Latino.

In 2010, children under the age of 18 and 44.1 % of all households lived in 23.3 % of all households with persons at least 65 years. 54.4 % of households were family households (consisting of married couples with or without offspring or a parent with offspring ). The average size of a household was 2.17 persons and the average family size is 2.85 people.

20.9% of the population were younger than 20 years, 20.5% were 20-39 years old, 22.6% were 40-59 years old and 32.8 % were at least 60 years old. The median age was 47 years. 48.4 % of the population were male and 51.6 % female.

The average annual income was $ 30,319, while 21.9 % of the population lived below the poverty line.

In 2000, English was the mother tongue of 89.39 % of the population spoke Spanish 10.19 % and 0.42 % spoke French.


Through the city lead the U.S. Highways 27 and 98, and the Florida State Road 17 Sebring The train station is a station of the trains Silver Star and Silver Meteor train Amtrak society on the route from Miami to New York City. The nearest airports are the Sebring Regional Airport (national, 10 km south-west ) and the Orlando International Airport ( around 130 km to the north ).


The crime rate in 2010 was 363 points ( U.S. average: 266 points ) within the average range. There was a murder, four rapes, 15 robberies, 39 injuries, 129 burglaries, 323 thefts, ten car thefts and three arson.