Security Information Agency

Bezbednosno - informativna agencija ( Serbian Cyrillic Безбедносно - информативна агенција, German Security Information Service ), official abbreviation BIA ( БИА ) is the intelligence of the Republic of Serbia, was established in 2002. The primary tasks of the BIA, the fight against organized crime and the prevention of terrorism. It emerged from the organization of the former Yugoslav secret police SDB within the former republic of Serbia.


In July 2008, Saša Vukadinović replaced the previous head of the BIA Radomir Bulatović, who was in office since April 2004.


While the SDB was under the respective interior ministries at the federal and republican level, the BIA is currently under the direct authority of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Known operations

  • Locate and arrest of Darko Šarić in March 2014, an alleged drug kingpin.