Sedlec (Litoměřice District)

Sedlec ( German Sedletz b. Libochowitz ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It belongs to Okres Litoměřice.


The place is located 4 km south-east of Trebenice in 198 m asl both sides of the creek on the Podsedický Hasenburger plate in the southwest of the Bohemian Uplands. Neighboring towns are Chodovlice the northwest, Úpohlavy in the Northeast, the West and Lkáň Klapý in the south. To the north in the Valley of Modla ( Model), the old Lucký Mlýn ( Wiesenmuhle ). The majority of the village was rising steeply Hills to the south on the slope of 277.9 m high PLANIK in the Křesínské created the hills around the Hazmburk.


Sedlec is documentary evidence since 1223. Owners were, inter alia, to 1558 the Zajíc of rabbit castle and in 1593 came to the domination Sedlec Libochovice. The location of the center of which a village square with a steep gradient, has a chapel, which was built in the 19th century.

The inhabitants lived on agriculture and fruit-growing. 1985 Sedlec was incorporated into Klapý and again since 1992 independently.