Seehausen (Leipzig)

Seehausen is a district in the north of Leipzig. In its territory lies the new exhibition center in the city.

Location and boundaries

The district includes the villages of Seehausen ( with the terrain of the new exhibition center and the commercial area of Saxony Park), Göbschelwitz, Hohenheida, Gottscheina to continue the district Mark Neblitz.

Seehausen is bordered to the north by Zschölkau, Krostitz and Mutschmann Lena, to the east by Liemehna, Pönitz and Merkwitz to Plaußig, Thekla and Mockau in the south and to the west by Wiederitzsch Podelwitz.


Probably Seehausen was founded in 1150 by German settlers. Unlike the Slavic hamlet along the river Parthe Seehausen was founded on a cleared area. The first church was built in the 13th century. It was built as a Romanesque church choir tower. 1359 the village was first mentioned in documents as Sehusen. In a document, the farmers of the village are instructed to create paths in their village from the city of Leipzig Council. 1438 was enfeoffed by the Elector Frederick of Saxony with the Kirchlehn Conrad Seehausen Bruser. To the 15th century Seehausener renewed their church. Instead small Romanesque windows high Gothic were used. The church received a new altar.

In 1539, the Reformation was introduced in the Duchy of Saxony. Also Seehausen is Protestant. A document indicates that in 1551 in the village 22 " obsessive men," ie farmers with land, and 9 " inhabitant " in Seehausen live. 1560 the entire Pfarrgut is sold with all buildings, fields and gardens for 150 florins to the farmers Georg Dyme. Although citizens have complained about the lack of a school in 1580, a first teachers are writing is only for year 1620. 1631 during the Thirty Years' War Seehausen was directly affected in the battle of Breitenfeld. Another renovation of the church took place in 1663 for 174 dollars. But after 1700 a further renewal occurs mainly in the inner part of the church. In the altar of the coat of arms of the former Court of the Lord is incorporated. This was probably the founder of the altar. 1764 live in Seehausen 29 " obsessive men," and 9 " cottagers " ( residents without land). 1788 creates a Seehausener inhabitants of the church organ. 1791 is a bad year for Seehausen. Several freight burn down this year.


In the center, the church, the volunteer fire department stand with their fire station and the Ecological Stadtgut.


The primary school with a nursery and a gym is guided cage, one.


Far beyond Leipzig Seehausen the golf course is known.


The connection points Leipzig Exhibition Centre Leipzig-Mitte and the A14 border directly to the site.

House with half-timbering

Golf course and landfill