Seehof, Germany

Seehof is a municipality in the southern part of the North West in Mecklenburg -Vorpommern ( Germany ). The community is managed by the Office Lützow - Lübstorf based in the municipality of Lützow.


The community Seehof on the western shore of Lake Schwerin ( northern part, Outer Lake ) adjacent to the north of the state capital Schwerin. The land here rises up to 27 m above the level of the lake. At 38 m above sea MSL. The Paulsdamm southeast of Seehof divides the Schwerin Lake in the exterior and interior lake.

To Seehof part of the district Hundorf.


The name Seehof was awarded in 1838 by Grand Duke Paul Friedrich of Mecklenburg for the districts Wickendorf (now the district of Schwerin ) and Hundorf. Hundorf was first mentioned in 1171 in a document.

Seehof has developed due to the proximity to Schwerin in recent years by new construction areas into an attractive place to live. Tourism is now the lead role in the community, which may have a holiday park with a sailing and diving school, camping, hotels and pensions.

Transport links

By bus connection (line 8, transport Schwerin ) Seehof is directly connected to Schwerin. The location Seehofs between the federal highways 104 and 106 allows for quick connections to Wismar and the Baltic Sea and on the A14 in the direction of Berlin and Hamburg. In the neighboring village of Lübstorf the nearest train station is ( distance from Wismar to Schwerin )