The Segeberg is a circle in the south of the state of Schleswig -Holstein. It belongs to the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. County seat is Bad Segeberg.

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The Segeberg bordered to the north by the district of Rendsburg -Eckernförde, to the independent city of Neumünster and the district of Plön, in the east by the county East Holstein, on the southeast by the Stormarn and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and to the west by the circles Pinneberg and Steinburg.

The population and economic focal point of the circuit is in the southwest on the settlement axis Norderstedt - Henstedt -Ulzburg - cold churches. Here live alone, about 120,000 people, nearly half of the population in the county, in three of the 95 municipalities to 120 km ² of the total 1344 km ².


The economic focus of the circle lies on the A 7 on the axis Norderstedt - Henstedt -Ulzburg - cold churches. In the more rural north-east of the district with the town of Bad Segeberg as the center of the economic strengths lie in the healthcare industry (including Segeberger clinics ), the recreation and tourism (including Karl May Festival and Holstein Switzerland Nature Park ).


Through the district area extends in the western part of the A 7 to the terminal points None Supplied Email cold churches, Bad Bramstedt and Großenaspe. In the east, the A 21 crosses the circle. In planning a new east -west connection is the extension of the A 20 of Lübeck across the Segeberg to a junction with the A7 near Bad Bramstedt and further through the Steinburg district to a new Elbe crossing.

The track opens up the circle with several railway lines:

  • The railway line Neumünster - Bad Segeberg - Bad Oldesloe ( Northern Railway ) runs in the northeast part of the circle
  • The line Neumünster - Hamburg ( AKN) opens up the western part and runs approximately parallel to the A7 motorway

Norderstedt Mitte and the railway line Henstedt -Ulzburg - - From AKN - route the " Alster Northern Railway " Ulzburg South branch from Elmshorn, which offer more breakpoints in the district.

Between Norderstedt Mitte and Garstedt the Hamburg U -Bahn line U1 has three stops in the county Segeberg.

Public transport in the entire district area was incorporated into the HVV 2003. Previously was only the southern part of the district Segeberg (including with Norderstedt and Henstedt -Ulzburg ) for Transport Association.


The Segeberg has its historical antecedents in the Bailiwick Segeberg, a military and administrative district, which formed around 1134 built castle wins. After the conversion of the Bailiwick in the " Official Segeberg " in the 15th century, an administrative division of the territory emerged in a the bailiff, subordinate middle and western and managed by aristocratic landowner eastern area. Only after the inclusion in Schleswig-Holstein to the Prussian monarchy was with the " Regulation on the organization of the county and district authorities, as well as district representative in the province of Schleswig -Holstein" formed of 22 September 1867 of the Segeberg. The seat of the chief administrative officer as the top administrative official of the district has since Segeberg. As the creator of Segeberger county government shall Freiherr von Willemoes - Suhm (1877-1892), who had also used today to circle the house, Hamburger Straße 30 build.

After the first Schleswig-Holstein government reform in 1932 with the dissolution of the circle Bordesholm the space Gadeland, Boostedt, Großenaspe and Heidmühlen fell to the circle Segeberg. In addition to the retention of the title " District " means the Board of the "Circle president" was created as Chair and Co-chair of the county council in 1950 at the same time.

In the implemented January 1, 1970 local government reform in the district won the newly formed city of Norderstedt, created from four municipalities of the districts of Pinneberg and Stormarn added. But he came from the city of Neumünster on April 26, 1970 Gadeland.

On January 1, 2006, the offices Segeberg country and Wensin merged to the Official Travelodge country. On 1 January 2008 the municipality Boostedt joined the Office Rickling at which renamed itself in office Boostedt - Rickling, and the community Trapp Kamp joined the Office Bornhöved.


The largest academic institution in the Segeberg is the internationally recognized Research Center Borstel.



The council of the circle Segeberg is an organ of local self-government and sets out the objectives and principles for the work of the district administration. The district council is elected by the electorate of the district Segeberg every five years in conjunction with the local councils at the community level. The last elections were held on 25 May 2008 and on 26 May 2013.

The election results of the last council election, the following table again:

*) The independent candidate Joachim can was elected with 1.0 % of the vote as a direct candidate for the constituency Alveslohe / Ellerau in the district council and initially had the FDP connected. After differences with the FDP and after discharge by Renee Hooper from the CDU, the two merged to form the new group " The Independent " together, so a seat is in the table at the CDU less and recorded a seat more at the Independent.

The number of voters was 213 637, of which have 102 356 ( 47.9 %) exercised their right to vote.

All council members are represented in the Transparency Portal There, every citizen can the elected local politicians make public issues.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " Argent, a consisting of four pointy roofed red brick towers Cross, bewinkelt of four green lily pads and in his broken intersection occupied by the Holstein coat of arms. In red a silver nettle leaf "


The circle in the middle shows a white flag, the top and bottom of a red stripe limited blanket the county coat of arms without shield, slightly shifted to the rod out.

District administrators

Cities and Towns

(Population at 31 December 2012)

  • 5 Cold churches, city ( 19 904 )
  • 6 Norderstedt, city ( 74 574 )
  • 7 Wahlstedt, city ( 9295 )

Offices with official member municipalities / cities (* = seat of the Office Administration)

  • 2 Office Boostedt - Rickling ( 11,637 )
  • 3 Office Bornhöved ( 10,779 )
  • 4 Office Itzstedt ( 12,355 without Tangstedt ) (Seventh Office nationals community is Tangstedt, Stormarn )
  • 5 Office Kaltenkirchen country ( 10,622 ) [Seat: Cold Churches]
  • 7 Office Leezen ( 8541 )
  • 8 Travelodge Official country ( 19,683 ) [Seat: Bad Segeberg ]

Municipal offices and map