Seggebruch is a municipality in the district of Schaumburg and part of the velvet municipality Nienstädt.

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The community is located between Minden and Hagen on the railway line between Hanover and Minden. South joins the Natural Park Weser mountain country Schaumburg -Hameln.

Neighboring towns

Clockwise are this Hespe, Helpsen, Upper churches and Biickeburg.

Community structure

The districts of the municipality are the old and new Seggebruch, Tallensen, Echtorf, Schierneichen, Deinsen and the settlement tree. Moreover, even the living space Brummer shop belongs to the municipality.


  • By 1300, had the Church in Minden Secbroke a house that she gave a clean Bert Steen fief. It was not until 1766 approached you in with Seggebroock today's spelling. In the Middle Ages the reason and interest rule was by the Count of Holstein - Schaumburg. 1871 belonged to the rural community Seggebruch Deinsen. At the foundation of circles from 1899 the county Biickeburg was responsible. From April 1948 to July 1977 the church belonged to the district of Schaumburg -Lippe. The formation of the velvet municipality Nienstädt occurred on 1 March 1974.
  • Echtorf appears after the Treaty of Westphalia Urkundenbuch the first time in 1188 as Ectorpe.
  • The farm owner of Schierneichen 1565 are still listed under Deinsen. For the first time they are mentioned in 1597 as a resident of Schiren oaks.
  • Tallensen is first mentioned in documents in 1286. The Noble Bernard Lo about wearing the pin Oberkirchen a courtyard. The district was in 1567 affected by witch hunts: two women got into witchcraft and burned.
  • Deinsen is mentioned in 1300 as Deyghenhusen. The place belonged to the bishop of Minden and was the clean Bert Steen given in fief.
  • The settlement Tree 1304 is referred to as the Hove thon Walbomen, dhe putting away of the dorphe tho Hydessen. The precious Gerhard Vogt of the mountains, leaving the Count Gerhard von Hoya his property. Even in 1964 the settlement was a living space in the unincorporated area tree.
  • Brummer Shop was founded in 1566 as a farm to Sael of Claus von Munchausen.


On March 1, 1974, the municipalities Schierneichen - Deinsen and Tallensen - Echtorf were incorporated.


Mayor / Administration

Honorary Mayor municipality is Herbert Stahlhut (SPD). Appointed director of community is integrated municipality mayor Ditmar Köritz. The Municipal Office is located in the 20th Cronsbruchstrasse

Parish council

The Council of the Municipality Council consists of 11 women and councilors.

  • CDU - 3 seats
  • SPD - 8 seats

(As at municipal election on September 11, 2011)


Had the opening balance sheet at the transition from the Kameralistik on double-entry bookkeeping in the municipal Accounting December 31, 2010 that a balance sheet total of ~ 5.09 million euros. Shareholders' equity amounted to almost 2.9 million euros.

In the 2013 budget the budget result in income and expenses is offset by ~ 1.2 million euros. The financial budget payments in the amount of ~ 1.2 million euros are expected. At payouts 1.5 million euros are provided ~. Despite underfunding no borrowing is expected.

Economy and infrastructure


The nearest motorway junction is Bad Eilsen, about 11 km to the Federal Highway 2 -Dortmund Hannover. South of the village runs the federal highway 65, which runs from Minden to Hanover. The nearest train station is in Kirchhorsten (municipality Helpsen ). There is an hourly connection towards Minden and Hanover S- Bahn. Public transport is operated by the company Rottmann and Spannuth.


  • In pre-school an inclusive child care center, a crèche and a nursery are available.
  • The primary school Nienstädt maintains a branch office in Seggebruch.
  • Secondary schools are located in Helpsen, Hagen and Biickeburg.

Public institutions

  • For safety and order the police station in Biickeburg is responsible.
  • Fire protection is provided by the volunteer fire services Seggebruch, Schierneichen - Deinsen tree and Tallensen - Echtorf.


A local sports club does not exist. Only the gun club Echtorf Shooting is possible.


  • The Evangelical Lutheran Christians form their own church in Seggebruch since 1912/1913. The consecration of the church took place on 27 August 1913.
  • The Catholic faithful belong to the parish of St. Mary in Biickeburg.


  • Burned Adelheid Angels Kings from Tallensen ( -1567 ) in a witch trial.