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Seiersberg is a municipality with 7311 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) southwest of Graz in the district of Graz-Umgebung in Styria. From 1 January 2015 it has joined forces framework of the Styrian municipality structural reform with the community Pirka, the new community will be called " Seiersberg - Pirka ".

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Geographical Location

Seiersberg lies southwest of the provincial capital of Graz and has grown together with her. The municipality is located in Graz Basin in Western Styria.

Local structure

Seiersberg consists of the districts Seiersberg, Neuseiersberg, Gedersberg and Mantscha. Seiersberg Neuseiersberg and are separated only by the Pyhrnautobahn.

Neighboring communities


From the small village Seiersberg a modern place has become in the last decades of the 20th century, mainly serves as a residential area for the adjacent Graz, but may also include industrial and commercial businesses.


Source: Statistics Austria

Culture and sights


  • The Greithjoselkapelle is over 160 years old and is privately owned. At the point at which the chapel was built, once a dispute with fatal outcome has occurred. In 1996 the chapel was renovated by the Beautification Association Seiersberg.
  • The Weimoar Cross was built in 1840 and inaugurated in 1909. The reason the establishment is unknown.
  • The Gedersberg Chapel is privately owned and was established in the postwar period, after the cross, which has been standing at this place, has been destroyed in 1944. It should be emphasized that the rosary is prayed Our Lady of Maria Rauch Saturdays since 1936.
  • Multi-purpose hall Seiersberg


From 2003 to 2006, the ATP Tennis Masters took place from Graz in the shopping Seiersberg. In the summer of 2007, the event was held on the Reininghausstraße reasons in Graz for the first time.

Economy and infrastructure


Due to the proximity to Graz Seiersberg is very conveniently located.


The Phyrn motorway (A9) runs directly by the municipality and is the connection point Seiersberg (188 ) accessible. This one comes quickly to node Webling and on into the city center of Graz and - in the opposite direction - to the south motorway (A2).

Through the municipal area, the packers road ( B70 ) runs from Graz to Klagenfurt. The Grazer Straße ( B 67 ) from Graz to Leibnitz is about 3 km away.

Public transport

Through the municipal area lead two railway lines. The Southern Railway is accessible via the newly commissioned December 11, 2005 stop Feldkirchen- Seiersberg and provides hourly train connections to Graz and pitch - road. The Graz- Köflacher line ( TBI ) has in the municipality, although no train station, however, is the Straßgang train station nearby. Here are hourly train connections to Graz, Koeflach and Wies- Eibiswald.

Bus lines 32 of Graz AG transport companies and the bus line 78, which funded the community Seiersberg, run to and through Seiersberg and thus allow a connection to the nearby provincial capital of Graz. The line 78 connects the district Gedersberg with the public transport hub Puntigam.


Graz Airport is about 8 km away and can be reached via the Pyhrnautobahn.

Established businesses

In Seiersberg is the second largest shopping center in Austria, the Shopping City Seiersberg.

Public institutions

At the community center, primary school and village hall there is also a retirement home. Furthermore, the District Police Command for Graz-Umgebung and a police inspection are established at this location. Furthermore, there are:

  • Day center
  • Assisted Living
  • Scs
  • Medical center


Parish council

The council consists of 25 members and has been committed to the local council election 2010 mandates the following parties together:


Was mayor from 1995 to 2012 Werner Breithuber ( SPÖ). First deputy mayor since 1995 Franz Ragger ( SPÖ). 2nd Vice Mayor since 2000 Günter Grain (UBS). Following the resignation of Werner Breithuber 2012 Werner Baumann was unanimously elected by the Council as mayor.


  • Hausham Germany (Bavaria), since 1990
  • Lendava Slovenia ( Prekmurje ), since 1994


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Werner Breithuber (* 1951), Austrian politician (SPÖ ) since 2013 3 Landtagspräsident
  • Barbara Eibinger (* 1980), Austrian politician (ÖVP ), member of the Federal Council 2006-2010, Member of Parliament of Styria since 2010
  • Berta Liebmann, Austrian regional poet