Self-regulatory organization

, A professional corporation (chamber) is a corporation that is mostly public law and here again mostly organized state law and duties, the professional self-government. The term Code of professional body is unusual. Commonly, by contrast, the terms corporation, association or chamber.

They are to be distinguished from private law coalitions such as employers' associations and trade unions.

Code of professional public bodies

These chambers are also called professional organization or professional ethics. My area of ​​responsibility is the respective chamber District.

In addition to fulfilling their assigned tasks state they act as a representation of their members. They also have statutes of God, which is limited to staff members and their objectively on their task circle. The state has oversight (government oversight ) over the chamber. Predominantly there is a statutory requirement to join, if one belongs to the profession concerned.

Examples of chambers:

  • Liberal professions pharmacists
  • Chambers of Architects
  • Medical Associations
  • Federal Chamber of Notaries
  • Federal Chamber of Lawyers
  • Chambers of Engineers ( for consulting engineers )
  • Chambers of Notaries
  • Patent Bar Associations
  • Psychotherapists chambers
  • Bar Associations
  • Chambers of Tax Consultants
  • Veterinary medical associations
  • Auditors chambers
  • Dental Associations
  • Chambers of Crafts
  • Industry and commerce
  • Economic Chamber Austria
  • Chamber of Commerce ( Liechtenstein )
  • Chambers of Agriculture
  • Workers Bremen Chamber
  • Working chamber of the Saarland
  • Federal pilot chamber
  • Chamber of Labour ( Austria )

Services: Chambers awarded professional licenses and are able to escape again for misconduct ( prohibition ) and penalties grant. They influence the training and testing guidelines. Furthermore, they specify entry requirements for certain positions fixed ( eg type of training for specialization). Chambers can create a schedule of charges.

Code of professional and private law bodies

Private corporations are legally organized occupational

  • German Medical Association as a non e.V.
  • Federal Dental Association as e.V.
  • Federal Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons e.V.
  • ABDA - Federal Union of German Associations of Pharmacists
  • German Pharmacists Association (DAV) e.V
  • German Bar Association (DAV) e.V.

Other than the liberal professions listed above usually have registered associations to defend their interests.