Selim II.

Selim II ( May 30, 1524 *, † December 13, 1574 ) was Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1566 until his death. Because of its tendency to alcohol, he was known as Sarhos Selim, " Selim the Drunkard ". In addition, he wore because of his blond beard nicknamed Sari Selim, " Selim the Blond ".

Origin and family

Selim was the third son of Suleyman the Magnificent and his favorite wife Roxelane ( Hürrem, Aleksandra Lisowska ). His mother, he owed his rise. Mustafa, his father's son Süleyman from another compound, was a rival and favorite of the Janissaries. Mustafa was accused of treason and strangled. 1545 married Selim in Konya Nurbanu, a Venetian nobleman, the Cecilia Venier - Baffo was and had been kidnapped as a child by pirates and enslaved. Later, she led as Valide Sultan de facto the Ottoman government during the so-called Weiberherrschaft.


Selim was the first of the Ottoman sultans who does not actively cared about politics and war, but these things tend to his son, the Grand Vizier Mehmed Pasha Sokollu left. He rarely left the Topkapı Palace, where he celebrated extravagant festivals and large banquet of wine, which is why he is held in the research for alcoholic. At the beginning of his reign he closed it with all the neighbors from a peace treaty. The Selimiye Mosque was built on the orders of Sultan Selim II by the architect Sinan in the years 1568-1575 in Edirne. After Indonesia, he sent Muslim missionaries, along with 30,000 Janissaries, which should support the Asian Islamic states.

Selim led the conquest of Cyprus, it is a source of unrest and contrary to the interests of the people of the region, also Cyprus lies in the midst of the Ottoman sphere of influence, and is the island since the Arab invasions of more or less long periods of Muslim territory, and until recently the been Mamelukenreich tribute. Particularly difficult weigh the fact that in the shelter of the island operated Christian pirate fleets, threatened the pilgrimage to the holy places of Islam and would bring the traffic on the trade routes between Egypt and the Ottoman heartland almost to a standstill. So Lala Mustafa Pasha in 1571 he commissioned it, take Cyprus, which managed the Pasha in six months siege.

In 1572 he made the Hagia Sophia and the Al -Haram Mosque in Mecca renovate. The Sultan allowed the Crimean Tatars in 1572 to lead a campaign against Russia, which ended with Russia was the Ottomans tribute. In 1573, Tunisia was conquered. Sultan Selim II died eight years after his accession to the throne on December 15, 1574 due to a fall in a drunken stupor. He was buried in his grave redesignated former baptistery of Hagia Sophia. When Sultan Selim II had become the Ottoman Empire was 14.892 million km ². Eight years later, had the Ottoman Empire with 15.162 million km ² a slightly enlarged area.