64.133055555556 - 21.933055555556Koordinaten: 64 ° 8 ' N, 21 ° 56 ' W

The community Seltjarnarnes ([' sɛ ː l ˌ ˌ tjartnar nɛ ˑ s], isl. Seltjarnarnesbær ) is located in the Capital Region ( Höfuðborgarsvæðið ) the Icelandic capital Reykjavik.

On 1 January 2009 the municipality had 4403 inhabitants. The area of ​​the municipality is 2 km ². Contrary to the general trend of the capital region, Seltjarnarnes has for several years experienced a significant population decline.


Seltjarnarnes is located on the peninsula and is surrounded to the north, west and south by the Faxaflói ( in the south of the tributary Skerjafjörður and to the north by Kollafjörður ). In the East, the community is bordered by the Municipality Vesturbær capital Reykjavík and is structurally connected with this. The town boundary runs through residential areas.

Despite its proximity to the Reykjavík city maintains its own Geothermalheizung.


In 1974, the rural community Seltjarnarneshreppur received city rights.


The Medical Museum Nesstofa located on the west edge of the village. The building dates from the years 1761 to 1763 and was built for the doctor Bjarni Pálsson. It served until 1876, when the medical college was established as a training center for doctors.

The Pharmaceutical Museum ( Isl Lyfjafræðisafn ) is right next to the Nesstofa. There is, inter alia, a pharmacy from the time of the turn of the century shown.