Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation

SMIC ( Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation) is a Chinese semiconductor manufacturer and was founded in 2000 with the support of the Chinese government in order to create the possibility for the production of modern semiconductors in their own country.

Since 2004, SMIC listed on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol SMI), and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (No. 0981 ); allegedly owned by the Chinese state continues decisive influence.

The company produces as Foundry ICs with feature sizes of 0.35 microns to 45 nanometers (the latter licensed from IBM) to other companies without their own manufacturing capacity ( fabless ), customer for DDR SDRAM are eg Elpida Memory and earlier Qimonda. In addition, also includes solar cells for product offering.

After increasing sales in recent years (2004: U.S. $ 0.97 billion 2007: $ 1.55 billion ) of 2008 decreased slightly to $ 1.35 billion, with a loss of 59 million U.S. $.

The head office and three factories that can process 200 mm / 8 inch wafers, are located in Shanghai, another in Tianjin. The most modern factory for 300 mm/12 inch wafer is in Beijing, another in Wuhan manufactures since 2008 flash memory Spansion. Marketing and service offices can be found in the United States of America, Japan and Italy.