Semuliki National Park

The Semliki National Park, or even Semuliki National Park is located in Uganda, north of the Ruwenzori Mountains and south of Lake Albert. The national park includes a spur of the Ituri rain forest, which is located mainly in the DR Congo. The area is not to be confused with the nearby Semliki Wildlife Reserve, which has other habitats and extends to the shores of Lake Albert.


In the park eight different primate species occur, most commonly are black and white colobus monkeys, but also their relatives of the Central African colobus. Other species of monkeys are Grauwangenmangabe, Rotschwanzmeerkatze, Brazzameerkatze, Blue Monkey, Vervet and Baboon. The forest is also home to forest elephants, African buffalo, bush pig, white-bellied duiker and Batesböckchen. However, it is more likely to get the climbing on trees and Red-legged Sun Squirrel Feuerfußhörnchen to face. The fig trees attract the blue Riesenturako, as well as the smaller Ross Turaco, but also up to nine species of hornbills. Allow you to connect, occurring in park hot springs at Sempaya Sitatungas and watch hippos in the rivers. Here come alongside numerous waders also Oliventaube and nude Green Pigeon, which appear to sun down transition to drink. Other residents of the park are Rotflanken - Breitrachen, the smallest African woodpecker, gray belly Mouse Woodpecker, Fleckenibis, White-bellied Kingfisher, African Rotfußralle and also several types bulbuls, finches and weaver birds.