Sendeturm Jauerling

The transmitter Jauerling is a hybrid tower of ORS on the Jauerling in Lower Austria, which is used for the distribution of FM radio and television programs and for microwave radio. The internal name is ST.PÖLTEN.


The radio tower Jauerling established in 1958 and is characterized as a hybrid tower by an unusual construction. It consists of a free-standing lattice tower as a base on which are also the directional antennas, and a guyed radio mast on the ground with the FM and TV antennas on top.

The transmitter Jauerling is the main station for the Greater St. Pölten and the Waldviertel, with the exception of the area around Gmünd. Due to the strong transmit power is the reception in Lower Austria, Vienna, Upper Austria, Northern Styria, the northern Burgenland, possible in Eastern Bavaria, the Czech Republic, in the western parts of Slovakia and Hungary, as well as in southern Poland.

Radio station

The radio tower Jauerling not only an FM station with high range is, but is also an important radio relay station for the so-called " East-West Route", which also includes air traffic control and air traffic control. The next relay stations with which this station is connected via fixed links in the frequency range from 7 GHz to 7.4 GHz, are in a westerly direction, the radio station Sonntagberg; eastward the radio station Exelberg.

Other stations on Jauerling

Not far from this station there is another transmitter. This is a relay station, inter alia, for fire and police radio. Furthermore, there is a cellular base station.

Frequencies and programs

Analogue radio (FM )

From Jauerling following radio programs are transmitted ( horizontal polarization):

Digital television ( DVB-T/DVB-T2 )

Since 26 October 2006, the station Jauerling MUX A radiates in the DVB -T standard.

Analog TV (PAL)

Until the switchover to DVB - T on October 22, 2007, the following programs were broadcast in analog PAL: