Senec District

The Okres Senec is an administrative unit in western Slovakia with 67 585 inhabitants ( 31 December 2011) and an area of ​​360.63 km ². In 2001 Senec had 51 825 inhabitants, 76.8 % of which were Slovak and Hungarian 20.4%.

Geography and transport

The Okres extends east of the capital Bratislava and has an irregular shape, the larger northern part and smaller southern part consists of two parts. These are connected by about 2 km wide "neck" at Miloslavov. The whole area is located in the Danubian Lowland, divided Danube plain and the Trnava hilly country between the parts. South of the Little Danube Okres has a share of the Great Rye Island. In Senec is brown earth, farther away from the Little Carpathians black earth in the rivers wetlands are also available. Almost the entire area is used for agriculture, with small remnants of the forests, as in Hamuliakovo. In the south of the Danube Okres flow, already dammed in the power plant Gabčíkovo, and their diversion Little Danube and further north the river Čierna voda. Through the extraction of gravel sand created small-area lakes that serve the recreational traffic. The highest point is in the forest Martinský les at Senec (200 m nm ) and the lowest is on the Little Danube at Hurbanova Ves 123 m nm

To the north it borders on the Okres Pezinok, on the west by the districts of Bratislava II, Bratislava III and V of Bratislava Bratislava and in the south and east by the districts Galanta and Dunajská Streda in Trnavský kraj and at 1 km in the south of Hungary.

The rail and road network is designed by the radial location east of Bratislava. In the southern part of the road run 1st order 63 (E 575 ) as well as the regional railway line Bratislava - Komárno, copied from the National Roads II/572 and II/510 further north. In the northern part extending the double-track route Bratislava -Budapest, as well as a tiny part of the railway line Bratislava - Žilina. The D1 motorway ( E 58, E 75 ) is currently on the junction Senec accessible connection points Triblavina ( at Chorvátsky Grob ) and full configuration of the junction Blatné are planned. In addition to the highway, there is the "old" road 1st order 61, from which the road 1st order 62 branches in Senec. The network is complemented by the regional road II/503 ( Pezinok - Senec - Šamorín ).


Historically the district in the former county Bratislava is (see also List of historic counties of Hungary ). There, the district between the chair districts Dunaszerdahely, Pozsony, as well as a small part in the north Szenc was divided. After the establishment of Czechoslovakia, the area of the district belonged to four different Okresy, especially in the north Modra (municipalities Kaplna, Igram, Blatné and Čataj ), Bratislava Vidiek in the West (municipalities Chorvátsky Grob, Bernolákovo and Ivanka pri Dunaji ) Šamorín in the south ( inclusive of Zálesie and south) and Galánta in the East ( including by Velky Biel and Nová Dedinka and further east ). After the First Vienna Award, the area in the years 1938-1945 was again part of Hungary, with the exception of Dunajská Lužná, Rovinka, Miloslavov, Chorvátsky Grob, Bernolákovo, Ivanka pri Dunaji, Zálesie and Most pri Bratislave that the Okres Bratislava Vidiek came. In the years 1923-28 and 1940-45 (First Slovak Republic), the area was part of the administrative župa the Bratislava ( Bratislava County ). In the Administrative divisions of Czechoslovakia, the district was created, but with different borders; in the east, he was larger communities Velky Grob, Pusté Úľany, Veľké Úľany and Jelka, in the west it reached only to Velky Biel and Nová Dedinka. After the administrative reform in 1960, the district was dissolved and west and including slammed by Senec the Okres Bratislava Vidiek, east of which the Okres Galánta (both in Západoslovenský kraj ). Today Okres was established in the newly independent Slovakia in 1996 under the new management structure and allocated to Bratislavský kraj.


  • Senec ( Wartberg )


  • Bernolákovo ( Lanschütz )
  • Blatné ( flock Began )
  • Boldog
  • Čataj ( Schattein )
  • Dunajská Lužná
  • Hrubá Borša
  • Hruby Šúr
  • Hurbanova Ves
  • Chorvátsky Grob ( Croatian Eisgrub )
  • Igram ( Eggramsdorf )
  • Ivanka pri Dunaji ( Iwanka on the Danube )
  • Kalinkovo ​​( Semethdorf )
  • Kaplna ( chapels )
  • Kostolná pri Dunaji ( Gaswar )
  • Kráľová pri Senci (Royal Silk )
  • Malinovo ( Eberhard [ t])
  • Miloslavov
  • Most pri Bratislave ( Bruck an der Donau)
  • Nová Dedinka
  • Novy Svet (New World)
  • Reca
  • Rovinka (Walter village)
  • Tomášov ( Files village)
  • Tureň
  • Velky Biel ( Biel -Hungarian )
  • Vlky ( nickel village)
  • Zálesie

The district office is in Senec.


In the article and historic monuments in Okres Senec can be found on the Slovak protected by the Heritage Office objects in Okres.