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Senja is the second largest island in Norway and belongs to Fylke Troms. It lies about 350 km north of the Arctic Circle.


The sea- facing western side is rocky and very rugged and characterized by typical dramatic fjord landscape. The few fishing villages hide in sheltered bays or archipelago ( Husøy ). The mainland facing east side has lovely character and allows Land and forest management.


Despite the high latitude climate because of the Gulf Stream is comparatively mild.


You can reach Senja on the Gisundbrücke Finnsnes ( mainland ) to Silsand. Car ferries are available from Andenes ( Andøya / Vesterålen ) to Gryllefjord (only in summer), of Brensholmen ( Kvaloya ) to Botnhamn and Harstad ( Hinnøya / Vesterålen ) to Skrolsvik.

The fishing villages on the North West Coast ( Husøy, Fjordgård, Senjahopen, Skaland ) are partially connected only since the mid-1980s through the tunnel to the road network.


Geographically limited almost exclusively operated on the west coast fisheries, while prevailing on the east side agriculture.