Sennedjem was an Egyptian artist and architect in the 19th Dynasty under the kings Seti I and Ramses II. He worked on the tombs in the necropolis and it also created a tomb for himself and his family.

His grave with the current name TT1 was discovered in 1886 by Gaston Maspero. It is one of the few intact tombs, because it was in finding still sealed and equipped with several paintings. The scenes depicted in the grave chamber provide insightful information about the ancient Egyptian mythology, such as on the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians in life after death.

Today the tomb is a tourist attraction in Deir el- Medina (Thebes - West), about the many books and CDs are available, some including virtual tours.

About the pictures and hieroglyphic inscriptions is to learn that his father " Chabechnet " was and he was married to " Iineferti ", with whom he had ten children. The four sons and six daughters are also in use by name: Chabechener, Bunachtef, Rahotep, Khonsu, Irunefer, Taasch -sen, Hetepu, Ramessu, Anhotep and Ranehu.