Senta ( Serbian Cyrillic Сента, German and Hungarian: Zenta ) is a town on the Tisza River in the province of Vojvodina in Serbia.

Although the city is geographically located in Bačka, it is part of the district of Northern Banat ( Severni Banat ). The town has 20,363 inhabitants, living in the community 25 619 inhabitants, of which 20,587 ( 80.51 %), Hungary ( census 2002).

The city is historically known especially through the Battle of Zenta in 1697.


The city was first mentioned in 1216 under the name Szintarev. Since 1246 it belonged to the county Csanád, a part of the Kingdom of Hungary. 1506 Senta was given the privilege of a free royal town. Troops of the Ottoman Empire destroyed the place in 1526, and he remained during the 16th and 17th century under the rule.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Istvan Korpa (* 1945 ), table tennis player and coach
  • Tamara Boroš ( b. 1977 ), table tennis player
  • Arpad Šterbik (* 1979), Handball Goalkeeper
  • Zsófia DOMANY (* 1988), chess player
  • Čaba Siladji (* 1990), swimmer