Sepidan County


Sepidan (Persian سپيدان ), also Ardakan -e Fārs (Persian اردكان فارس ) is the name of a city and an administrative district in the province of Fars in Iran. It is located about 100 km north- west of Shiraz. The County has a population of 92 252 from 2012.

Sepidan, whose name means "white land", is located in the vicinity of the best skiing Südirans. , The beauty of the scenery connected with the mild summer climate makes the city a popular destination for ecotourism. One can find the Waterfall Morghak, the Czech Esch- Pir Lake, numerous forests and rivers. too, the wealthy population of Shiraz here has their second homes and their gardens.

The melt water of snow soaks many springs whose water is sold as bottled water. In the immediate vicinity of the city there are numerous vineyards.

The city has 13 mosques.