Serbia and Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest

This article deals with the history of Serbia and Montenegro ( Serbia and Montenegro ) as participants in the Euro Vision Song Contest.

The country took the first time as Serbia - Montenegro in 2004 participated in the competition. At the time of the last part of Yugoslavia in 1992, however, were only Serbia and Montenegro to the country so that you can also refer to this contribution as the first Serbian- Montenegrin. But also artists from Bosnia- Herzegovina and Macedonia took part in the national preliminary 1992.

Between 1993 and 2003 the country for participation has been locked. As of 2004, it was able to participate again. The selection was made in Serbia with the festival Beovizija and in Montenegro with Montevizija. Of the 10 leaders in the respective selection then the interpreter for the Euro Vision Song Contest was then determines the common Endauswahlverfahren Evropesma - Europjesma. For the 2nd place in 2004 in Istanbul, the Serbian television RTS was responsible. A year later, 2005 in Kiev, the Montenegrin television TVCG won the 7th place.

In Athens in 2006 was not taken due to discrepancies in the joint preliminary Evropesma - Europjesma the final of the Euro Vision Song Contest in part, but was allowed to participate in the scoring anyway. The Montenegrin jury has accused the Serbian favorites of Flamingosi feat. To boycott Luis and instead their favorites, the group No to support name. After they could not agree on a common participant for Serbia -Montenegro, one withdrew from the Euro Vision Song Contest 2006. From the retreat benefited Croatia, which aufrückte the finals instead of Serbia and Montenegro.

Meanwhile, the confederation has dissolved. Serbia and Montenegro since 2007 Send a their own contributions in the Euro Vision Song Contest.

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