Serekunda ( spelling variants: Serrekunda Sere Kunda or ) is the largest city in the West African nation of Gambia.

According to a calculation for 2013 362 986 inhabitants live there, the result of the last published census in 1993 was 70 435.


Serekunda heard with a population of just under 350,000 for the conurbation Kombo-St. Mary Area and is located south of the mouth of the river Gambia on the coast of the Atlantic. Around half an hour by car ( eleven km ) west of the capital Banjul and north from the Banjul International Airport.


Earlier than individual settlements, are the following places Districts of Serekunda dar. So the following places were in the census of 1993 listed individually: Bakoteh, Bununka Kunda Kunda Dippa, EBOE Town, Faji Kunda, New Jeshwang, Old Jeshwang, Kololi, Kotu, Latri Kunda Kunda Latri Sabiji, Manjai Kunda, Serekunda, Talinding Kunjang.

More neighborhoods are Kanifing, London Corner, and Tabokoto Bundung.


The city was probably founded in the 17th century by Portuguese colonists, and 18-19. Century expanded by the British.


The most important market and trading center for the whole of Gambia Serekunda is of great importance. Due to its convenient location, the city developed soon became a center of the region. After independence, several agencies have been established in Serekunda. International Embassies, the U.S. and Brazil, have their headquarters here

The market halls in Serekunda

Mosque in Serekunda

Culture and sights

  • Pipeline Mosque, the main mosque of the city
  • Trinity Methodist Church, the Methodist church in the city
  • St. Charles Lwanga Church, the Roman Catholic church in the city


  • United States United States, Memphis ( Kanifing )

Sons and daughters of the town

Currently sorted by:

  • Ebrahim M. Samba ( born 1932 ), Director for Africa of the World Health Organization
  • Momodou Ceesay Nai (* 1951), politician
  • Halifa Sallah (* 1953), politician
  • Tijan Sallah (born 1958 ), poet
  • Njogu Touray ( born 1960 ), painter
  • Musa Mboob ( b. 1963 ), musician
  • Angela Colley (born 1964 ), politician
  • Sadibou Hydara (1964-1995), politician
  • Ousman Sonko (born 1969 ), politician
  • Kemo Ceesay (born 1971 ), football player
  • Jatto Ceesay ( born 1974 ), football player
  • Dembo Jobarteh (1976-2008), musician
  • Mamadou Danso ( b. 1983 ), football player
  • Matthew Mendy ( b. 1983 ), football player
  • Yankuba Ceesay ( born 1984 ), football player
  • Ismaila Jagne ( born 1984 ), football player
  • Pa Saikou Kujabi ( born 1986 ), football player
  • Ebrahim Savaneh ( born 1986 ), football player
  • Saloum Faal (* 1994), football player