Sergey Alexandrovich Volkov

  • Soyuz TMA -12 ( 2008)   ISS Expedition 17

Sergei Alexandrovich Volkov (Russian: Сергей Александрович Волков, scientific transliteration Sergei Aleksandrovich Volkov, born April 1, 1973 in Chuhuiv, oblast Kharkov, Ukrainian SSR ) is a Russian cosmonaut and was the commander of the 17 long-term crew of the International Space station from April to October 2008,.

Volkov visited the Military College of the Air Force, from which he graduated in 1995 in Tambov.

Sergei Volkov was selected as a cosmonaut on 28 July 1997. His basic training as a cosmonaut, he completed until November 1999. His first classification for a space flight, he received the nomination for the backup crew of Soyuz TMA -8. He was selected as commander of the ISS Expedition 17. On 8 April 2008, he launched with Soyuz TMA -12 to the International Space Station, the landing took place on 24 October 2008.

In October 2009 he was nominated for another long stay aboard the ISS. He worked as a flight engineer of Expeditions 28 and 29 June-November 2011, aboard the ISS. For the maiden flight of the new Soyuz Soyuz TMA -01M in October 2010, Volkov was nominated as a replacement commander.


Sergei Volkov is married and the son of cosmonaut Alexander Volkov.