Sergey Vodopyanov

Sergei Vladimirovich Wodopjanow (Russian: Сергей Владимирович Водопьянов; born September 20, 1987 in Taldyqorghan, Kazakh SSR, Soviet Union ) is a Russian boxer. He was world champion in 2007 in Chicago bantamweight silver medalist at the 2009 World Championships in Milan featherweight and participants of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and 2012 in London.


Wodopjanow began as a teenager with the boxes. The southpaw, who is due to his fighting style variable also able to change during the fight quickly once his display, is an excellent counter- boxer, but they can set the tone in the attack. In 2004, the first time he drew attention to himself. He won in Russia two heavily-stocked international junior tournaments in Volgograd and Noginsk and finished at the Junior World Championships in Jeju, South Korea, in the light flyweight class (up to 48 kg body weight) into second place. On the way, he defeated Young Chih, Taiwan, Gao Lianhi, China, Nurlan Abdrahimow, Kazakhstan and Hovhannes Danieljan, Armenia. In the final he was defeated by Hungary Pal Bedak by points ( 27:37 ).

Also in 2005 he won the junior tournaments in Volgograd and Noginsk and in Tallinn / Estonia, he won with a points victory over Maksim Dwinski, Estonia its first international title, the Junior European Champion in the light flyweight.

In 2006 he started for the first time in the Russian Championship of seniors flyweight. He won, among others, in the semifinals on Alexander Afanasiew by points ( 23:10 ). In the final, but he had beaten on points against ( 23:42 ) to the experienced multiple national champion Georgi Balakschin. At the Junior World Championship 2006 in Agadir, he only got as far in the knockout stages. In this he was defeated by Wasil Lomatschenko from Ukraine, the eventual champion, convincingly on points ( 17:37 ).

In 2007 Wodjopanow scored the first victory of a Russian senior championships. He defeated in the finals of the Bantam weight Zinat Schadybajew just by points ( 27:25 ). At the World Championships this year in Chicago, the Russian head coach Alexander Lebsjak familiar to him and put him in the bantamweight. In Chicago Wodjopanow became world champion. He suggested doing Luke Boyd from Australia to points ( 19:9 ), won over Manju Wanjarachchi from Sri Lanka by demolition in the 3rd round and then defeated Gary Russell Jr., USA (16:6 ), McJoe Arroyo, Puerto Rico ( 20:9 ) and in the final Enchbatyn Badar - Uugan from Mongolia ( 16:14) on points.

In 2008 he defeated in two countries fighting Russia against the USA Bantamweight David Clark in two encounters. At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, he won his first fight against McJoe Although Arroyo from Puerto Rico to points ( 10:5 ), but lost already in the second round against Akhil Kumar from India to points. With a state of the evaluated meetings of 9:9 thereby decided the majority of unscored Results for Kumar. For Wodopjanow this meant the departure and ninth place.

2009 Wodopjanow won two international tournaments in Debrecen and Khabarovsk and the Russian knockout for the 2009 World Championships in Milan. At the World Championships he won himself Featherweight ( - 57kg ) after victories against Amangeldy Hudaybergenov, Turkmenistan ( 21:5 ), Erzhan Musafirov, Kazakhstan ( 22:4 ), Kevin Rivers, USA (13:1 ), Yasnier Toledo Lopez, Cuba ( 10:4 ), and Bohodirion Sultanov, Uzbekistan ( 7:5 ) and a final defeat by Vasyl Lomatschenko, Ukraine ( 12:1 ) the silver medal. Later in the year he was also sovereign of Russian masters.

2010 started for Wodopjanow with two tournament victories in Debrecen and Helsinki before he retired surprisingly early in the quarter- final against Denis Makarov, Germany ( 7:4 ) at the European Championships. Also at the Russian Championships this year he could not convince and reached, after reclassification of the weight classes by the AIBA again startent bantamweight ( 56kg - ), only the third place.

Despite this career low point Wodopjanow launched continue in international tournaments, which he finished in 2011 a Zagreb with second place and a St. Petersburg with the third place, after which he again won the Russian Championship. In the subsequent World Championships in Baku Volopjanov reached after victories against Deivis Julio, Colombia ( 26:13 ) and Zhang Jiawei, Cina ( 18:12 ) and a quarter- final defeat by Anvar Yunusov, Tajikistan ( 19:9 ) the 5th place and thus the qualification for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

In preparation for the Olympic Games took Wodopjanow 2012 at several international tournaments involving other Olympians in part, beating, among others Magomed Abdulhamidov, Azerbaijan (8 : 8) and Ibrahim Balla, Australia, but lost to Vittorio Parrinello, Italy ( 10 10 ). At the games, he hit himself in the first fight Alberto Melian, Argentina ( 12:5 ), but lost in the semifinals against Robenilson de Jesus, Brazil ( 13:11).

2013 won Wodopjanow in Kazan Universiade.

International success

(WM = World Championship, EM = European Championship, Hfl = light flyweight, flyweight = Fl, Ba = Bantam weight until 48 kg, 51 kg and 54 kg body weight)

  • 2004, 1st Place, Junior tournament in Volgograd, Hfl, before Igor Ribaschew and Anton Davydov, both Russia;
  • 2004, 1st Place, Junior tournament in Noginsk, Hfl, before Pawel Gnatowskis, Ukraine;
  • 2004, 2nd place, Junior World Championships in Jeju / Korea, Hfl, behind Pal Bedak, Hungary and before Hovhannes Danieljan, Armenia and Mayengbam Suranjoy - Singh, India;
  • 2005, 1st Place, Junior tournament in Wolgrograd, Hfl, before Maksim Dwinski, Estonia;
  • 2005, 1st Place, Junior tournament in Noginsk, Hfl, before Eduard Gukasjan, Russia;
  • 2005, 1st Place, Junior European Championships in Tallinn / Estonia, Hfl, before Maksim Dwinski, Nordine Oubaali, France and Pawel Gnatowskis;
  • 2006, 9th place, Junior World Championships in Agadir, Fl, together with seven other boxers; Winner: Wasil Lomatschenko, Ukraine before Albert Portuondo, Cuba;
  • 2007 1st place, World Championships in Chicago, Ba, before Enchbatyn Badar - Uugan, Mongolia, McJoe Arroyo, Puerto Rico, and Joseph Murray ( boxer ), England;
  • 2008, 1st Place, " Feliks root " tournament in Warsaw, Ba, before Abdelrahim Ouradi, Algeria and Furlan Meniz Ulas, Turkey;
  • 2008, 9th place, OS in Beijing, Ba; Winner: Enchbatyn Badar - Uugan before Yankiel Leon, Cuba

Russian Championships

(Final results )

  • 2006, Fl, point defeat against Georgi Balakschin ( 23:42 )
  • 2007, Ba, point winner over Zinat Schandybajew ( 27:25 )

Countries fighting

  • 2008 in Magnitogorsk, Russia vs USA, Ba, demolition Winners Round 3 on David Clark,
  • 2008 in Novosibirsk, Russia vs USA, Ba, point winner over David Clark


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