Serie D

The D Series is the fifth highest Italian Football League. It is the highest amateur league, the parent leagues are considered professional leagues. Organizer of the League Lega Nazionale Dilettanti is the ( LND, it National Amateur Association. ), A sub-organization of the FIGC, which governs the entire amateur and women's business. The D Series is the only pan- Italian amateur league, playing in the clubs from all Italian provinces. It is divided into 9 regional groups ( A to I ), in which usually play 18 clubs. Currently playing in Serie D instead of 162 but 164 clubs, which is due to Lizenzentzüge in higher leagues.

The allocation of teams to specific groups within the series D is basically geographically, but is determined by the LND. Game day, as in all Italian leagues, the Sunday. The season runs from late August / early September to late May / early June with a short winter break between Christmas and Epiphany.

The nine winners of the regional series D groups with direct access into one of the three divisions of the Lega Pro Seconda Divisione on, although the second - to fifth-placed play playoffs for possible further promoted from, but the rise in the rule can only perceive, if for some reasons other clubs are not allowed to at least compete in the Seconda Divisione Lega Pro in higher-level leagues.

The two last placed the regional series D groups to rise directly from the sixth- highest division, Excellenza while placed on rank 13 to 16 teams compete in the play- outs, in which two other losers will be played.

Just as the professional league, play the amateur clubs in Serie D from its own Italy Cup.

Among the amateur leagues below the Series D is referred to the article football in Italy.


The D Series was called " Quarta series" (Italian fourth division, also series IV) founded in the wake of football reform 1952/53, even then as a regional, sub-divided into divisions Amateur League. Just three years later, however, the competition format was changed and two different levels within the fourth division ( Quarta Quarta Series I and Series II ), which, however, only lasts one year. Another year later (1957 ) has been changed, the mode again, the divisions were re-introduced, but is still a distinction between first and second class (similar to the Series C system today. ) This mode also was not preserved, after they returned for the season 1959/60 to the old mode (in 6 divisions) back and called the League Serie D.

This mode was essentially maintained until the 1978/79 season, but then had to be modified by changes in the C series (which has since been divided into two divisions). It 12 divisions were introduced to each of the 16 teams, with each team a rose and descended three. This mode was maintained for 10 years before the number of teams was increased in 1990 to 18 and could ascend only six teams. In the following years the total number of participating teams was again abgestockt ( from 216 to 162) and the Series D Campionato Nazionale Dilettanti in ( in South Tyrol is the official name National Amateur League ) renamed. Since 1999, the League called again series D.

Known associations

  • ASD Atletico Arezzo
  • ASD Perugia Calcio
  • AC Mantova
  • ACR Messina
  • AC Rimini 1912
  • SS Sambenedettese Calcio
  • FBC Treviso
  • SSC Venice