Serif PhotoPlus

Serif PhotoPlus is an image editing program of the company Serif. With the program, numerous changes to images are invalid. For PhotoPlus offers numerous image filters and effects, and tool capabilities. Also batch processing is possible. The software offers the possibility of image management. You can also paint with the program and create slideshows.

Raw data can be processed with PhotoPlus well as the usual JPEG, TIFF, etc. On the raw data files from most camera models are supported, as the " Paint Shop Pro" fortmat PSP and Adobe DNG formats and PSD.

PhotoPlus can be edited non-destructively files. To do this, change the images on adjustment layers. Any change to such a level may be withdrawn. If you have changed an image only by adjustment layers, then the output file will remain unchanged and without any quality loss. Even if the processing of a plane is temporarily stopped and a new level has been added that can be changed later with PhotoPlus much of the changes at other levels.