Serpico (TV series)

Serpico is an American crime drama, from the 1976-1977 season with a 15 episodes were produced. Your Original had the series on September 24, 1976 at NBC. In the Federal Republic, the series was not sent until 1983.


The policeman Frank Serpico works for the NYPD. There he encounters corruption among his colleagues. In his attempts to elucidate the deeds but he finds resistance from their own ranks. He is then moved to another area and Lieutenant Tom Sullivan assumed. In the course of the series it has Serpico to do both with criminals and corrupt colleagues.


The series is based on true experiences of Frank Serpico. This was faced when he joined the police force with mistreatment of suspects and kickbacks. Serpico, who did not want to participate in this system, has been hampered by superiors in educating and frequent transfers. In 1970, he testified before a corruption inquiry. His story was published by Peter Maas as a novel and filmed in 1973 with Al Pacino in the lead role.