Seryoga (born Sergei Vasilyevich Parkhomenko, born October 8, 1976 in Gomel, Byelorussian SSR ) is a Russian rapper.

Seryoga works and lives mainly in Kiev, Ukraine. The greatest success has the native of White Russian in Russia, where he already was able to place three singles No. 1 on the Russian charts and won three MTV Russia Awards. In Belarus, his works stand on the index. His was also able to celebrate successes in many other countries of the CIS.

  • 4.1 2004
  • 4.2 2005
  • 4.3 2006

Career in the home

The rapper grew up in a working class family in Belarus.

His great success in CIS countries began in 2004 with the first album Мой двор ( Moj Dvor ), reached the 1st place in the Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, and sat down with his international Cooperationen such as: with producer Gilmano Slow Jam. More than 900,000 official sales alone were registered in Russia, about 380,000 in Ukraine, about 20,000 CDs and 61,000 cassettes in Belarus.

2005 Seryoga wrote three songs for the Russian blockbuster Shadow Boxing (Boy s Tenyu ), including the successful track King Ring, who was nominated at the 2006 MTV Russia Movie Awards for Best Original Song. Later Seryoga took a song Tamerlane to action blockbuster Day Watch - Dnevnoi Dozor 'on the sequel of' Night Watch - Nochnoi Dozor ' In December 2005, published his second album Seryoga Disco Malaria, from the Berlin producer Gilmano ( Slow Jam ) was produced for Seryoga. The album was revised in November 2006 by the selfsame producers and provided with 8 new tracks and four remixes.

September 21, 2006 Seryoga MTV Russia Music Awards hosted in Saint Petersburg. At the ceremony, the rapper presented a specially written song for the awards.

2006 Seryoga presented his own collection of Kangol hats with its logo Kingring addition to the traditional kangaroo characters. In addition, the rapper has signed an exclusive promotional contract with the American fashion label Rocawear in fall 2006.

International career

The end of 2006 Seryoga recordings first began to publish for the Western European market. For his label King Ring has been registered in the EU and signed a worldwide deal with EMI Music Publishing.

The first objective is Germany, where Seryogas Management wants to test whether there is a market for the Russian rap.

Known in Germany Seryoga was the music title 2Kaiser with the Frankfurt rapper Azad. Seryoga gives as a reason why he has chosen Azad as a collaboration partner, that he pursued the career of the German rapper for several years and that this was known by all his German rappers next. The single 2Kaiser was published on 24 November 2006.

On December 15, his label Kingring published in Germany Seryogas first European album Russia 's No. 1, which was also produced from producer Gilmano ( Slow Jam ) and accompanied as Executive Producer. He gets support on the publication by Azad, and the Slow Jam Artists Rapturous, Eveleena and Skuril. For the single releases there were several collaborations with well-known remixers such as Shuko and mastering engineer Busy by True Busyness. He is also represented at the Sido - Single A part of me with a remix Featuring Part, he also appeared as a guest at the aggro radio.

In April 2007, Seryoga was with B-Tight at some concerts of Shut - Number admission tour of the rapper Sido support. On 11 April, he was with Sido on the MTV show TRL guest. The video for his single Gangsta No More has already achieved third place in the TRL Most Wanted.

In December 2007, his song King ring was chosen as the background music for the third official trailer of the game Grand Theft Auto IV, whose official soundtrack, he also contributed several songs.

Seryoga studied German at the University of Vechta and therefore speaks fluent German.



  • 2004: Мой Двор: Свадьбы & Похороны [ Moj Dvor: Svadjby & Pochorony ] ( for Ukraine and Belarus )
  • 2004: Мой Двор: Спортивные частушки [ Moj Dvor: Sportivnye Tschastuschki ] (for Russia)
  • 2005: А на танцполе нету свободных мест [A na dance pole netu svobodnych mest ] ( remix album )
  • 2005: Дискомалярия [ Disco Malaria ]
  • 2006: Дискомалярия. Большая порция [ Disco malaria. Bolshaja Porzija ] ( new edition )
  • 2006: Russia 's No. 1
  • 2008: Хроника парнишки с гомельских улиц


  • 2005: Чёрный Бумер [ Tschornyi bumer ]
  • 2005: Заuziuzizo [ Disco Malaria ] ( Vinyl)
  • 2005: Возле дома твоего [ Voslje doma twajewo ]
  • 2005: Barbeque
  • 2006: 2Kaiser ( with Azad )
  • 2006: Миллион dollar [ $ one million song ]
  • 2007: Я - рэп ( with ST1M )
  • 2007: Gangsta No More
  • 2009: Кружим


  • 2006 Disco Malaria ( Juice Exclusive CD # 71)



  • Two MTV Russia Music Awards Nominations: Best Hip- Hop Act, Best New Artist
  • Artist of the Year ( " Choice of the Year", Belarus )


  • Four MTV Russia Music Awards Nominations: Best Hip- Hop Artist, Best Male Artist, Best Song, Best Ringtone
  • MTV Russia Music Awards - Best Hip - Hop Artist
  • MTV Russia Music Awards - Best Ringtone (King Ring)
  • Golden Grammophon (Russian Radio Awards ) for Черный Бумер
  • Muz - TV Russia Music Awards - Best Ringtone ( Черный Бумер )


  • Two MTV Russia Music Awards Nominations: Best Hip- Hop Artist, Best Male Artist
  • Golden Grammophon (Russian Radio Awards ) for Возле дома твоего ( Vos'lje doma twojego )