Seven Days (TV series)

Seven Days - Seven Days, Seven Days in the original, is an American and Canadian science fiction television series that deals with time travel. The idea for the series comes from Christopher Crowe.


A secret department of the National Security Agency has from the technology of the crashed Roswell alien spaceship (see Roswell incident ) a machine - called time capsule - developed with which it is possible for a man to send seven days into the past.

Frank Parker, a specially for this mission fetched from a military psychiatry former elite soldier, makes using this technology terrorist attacks and other disasters reversed. He is supported by the Russian scientist Olga Vukavitch and his old comrade Craig Donovan.

The sequence of the individual episodes is mostly identical. A major disaster (usually triggered by terrorists or criminals ) hits the U.S. and should be prevented by Frank Parker. Parker is sent back to in time and logs after his arrival in the past, call the NSA to pass information about the cause of the disaster and to prevent details. In addition, however, Parker is also involved actively in the prevention of disaster, in which he repeatedly caused by his undisciplined approach problems, but ultimately the disaster always prevented. Individual episodes of the series transform from this schema in which it, inter alia, the theoretical specifics of time travel and discuss its impact on the missions of Parker.


Frank Parker

Sir ( by Accolade in the second season ) Frances (Frank) Bartholomew Parker (alias Cassiopeia ) is the main character of the series. He travels to prevent in every episode by the time of a disaster. It always happen in the time warp things difficult for him to prevent. So he is transformed into an episode to a child in another episode he finds himself in a foreign body. Prior to his career, he was stationed in Somalia and wore heavy psychological consequences of a hostage situation with. However, this gives it a strong psyche, which is why he was chosen for the inserts.

Olga Vukavich

Dr. Olga Vukavich is a scientist from Russia. She feels sometimes strong love for Frank Parker. It is mitleitend in the project and helping Frank Parker in his missions.


From the series were three seasons with 21, 23 and 22 episodes produced and broadcast by UPN. The first season was filmed in California in the United States, the second and third season in British Columbia in Canada. In May 2001, the show was canceled despite the interest of UPN in further episodes.

The German Original of all three squadrons sent ProSieben. Two episodes of the third season, however, were first aired at a later repetition of the series on the transmitter cable 1.


The series refers in several places on the then fictional element 115 of the periodic table, which was discovered in reality only in 2004 and tentatively called Ununpentium.

Thematically related films in which it comes to " time travel " information / prevention of crime, are Frequency ( 2000), Minority Report (2002), Next (2007) and Source Code ( 2011) and " Déjà Vu - race against time " ( end of 2006).