Seven Swans


Sufjan Stevens

Seven Swans is the fourth album by American songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sufjan Stevens. It appeared between its two state of concept albums Michigan and Illinois. As the only single "The Dress Looks Nice on You " was disengaged.

Style and content

The album is orchestrated quite economical compared to other albums by Sufjan Stevens. Quite often, only a banjo and singing Stevens used.

Lyrically, the album contains many references to the Bible, such as " Abraham ", " He Woke Me Up Again", the title track and others.

" Stevens focuses on the plate with his understanding of religion and spirituality, but chooses a personal unconditionally, unvermarktbaren and often doubting approach. "


The album received mostly positive reviews. Pitchfork Media gave 8.1 out of 10 points; Allmusic four out of five.

In a review of October 2010, the German music magazine Visions gives the album ( the only of Stevens previously published posts) twelve by twelve points.

Track list