Seventh constituency for French residents overseas

The 7th constituency of the French overseas is a constituency for French nationals living in Germany, Austria or other countries of Central Europe and the Balkan Peninsula, on the choice of the French National Assembly. He is one of eleven constituencies that were newly formed in 2010 abroad, and one French 142 427 according to consular registration lists.

Formation of the constituency

The 7th constituency for French nationals abroad includes the following countries and consular districts:

  • Albania (172 pending French )
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina ( 318)
  • Bulgaria ( 1004 )
  • Germany ( 114.372 ) 1st District: Districts of the consulates of Berlin, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg
  • 2nd District: Districts of the consulates of Munich, Saarbrücken and Stuttgart

Candidates of the parliamentary election in 2012

In the first round of voting on 10 June 2012, 15 candidates stood for election:

  • Isabelle Robin, Parti Pirate, living in Wiesbaden
  • Jacques Regnier, regardless. He lives in Frankfurt am Main
  • Xavier Fourny
  • Agnès Dejouy
  • Nicolas Jeanneté, the candidate of a center-right Alliance Alliance républicaine, écologiste et sociale ( ARES ), born in 1965. He lives in Berlin and is the founder of several music festivals such as Francophonic in Germany and Poland.
  • Pierre -Yves Le Borgn ', candidate of the Party Socialist Party ( PS), born in 1964. He is vice president for public relations at First Solar, an international photovoltaic company, which is headquartered in Mainz.
  • Denis Matton
  • Elodie Viennot
  • Sylvie Moreau - Olympe
  • Ronan Le Gleut, candidate of the party Union pour un mouvement populaire (UMP ). He lives in Berlin, where he was born in 1976 and works there as a patent examiner at the European Patent Office.
  • Jean -Claude Wambre, no party affiliation. Entrepreneur, he has lived for 13 years in Germany and since 2001 in Nieder- Olm.
  • Bruno Pludermacher, candidate of the party Cap21, born in 1961. He lives in Munich and is self-employed.
  • Jacques Werckmann
  • Éric Bourguignon

Was elected Pierre -Yves Le Borgn '.