Seville Expo '92

Panoramic view of Expo 92

The Expo 92, the official name World Exhibition in Seville in 1992 (Spanish Universal Exhibition of Seville, 1992), was held from 20 April to 12 October 1992 at the island of La Cartuja in Seville, Spain instead. Theme of the exhibition was the " Age of Discovery " on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America.


The exhibition led to many infrastructural measures in the city, about the construction of the motorway links Madrid- Seville and Seville - Cádiz. In the city center, a new railway station, from where regional trains should go towards the Expo site and at the same time was the end point of the newly created high-speed line Madrid- Seville was born. At the same time the Seville airport was expanded and connected via a section of highway to the city center. It came on the extension of Alfons XIII - channel and the establishment of six new bridges over the Guadalquivir as the Alamillo Bridge designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava or Barqueta bridge. Downstream of the harbor area has been improved. In addition, many new buildings were, for example, the Teatro de la Maestranza, a Convention and Exhibition Palace, an auditorium and several hotels and administrative buildings.

The exhibition area was 168 hectares. At the exhibition, 108 countries were represented, plus the 17 regions of Spain, many international organizations, several national and multinational companies. There were thematic pavilions as well as artistic and archaeological exhibitions. At the Expo site and in the city center several stages were distributed, where dance performances (especially salsa and flamenco ), concerts ( classical, jazz, rock, Latin music ), musical, opera and plays, comedy shows, children's activities and fashion shows were offered. Besides, accompanied by numerous conferences, seminars and panel discussions, the event.

In order to protect them from the summer heat, the crowds was created on the Expo site, an artificial lake, the one endowed with countless fountains, canals, aqueducts, waterfalls and atomizers. The shore was planted with thousands of trees and shrubs, as additional shade were huge pergolas, blinds and parasols.

Overall, 18.5 million people have visited the exhibition, so the expectations were far exceeded. After the closure of a portion of the site was in a technology park ( Cartuja 93) transformed and created the theme park Isla Mágica. The pavilions were largely dismantled and partially further used by companies.


Pavilion of Germany

Pavilion of Mexico

Pavilion of Japan

Model of an Ariane 4 rocket at Expo 92

Ticket for the Expo 92