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Seychellenkreol ( sometimes referred to as Seselwa [ seselwa ] ) is the French -based creole language of the Seychelles and is spoken by about 70,000 people. Seychellenkreol is in addition to English and French official language of the Seychelles.

Seychellenkreol is recorded with its own orthography, which is purely phonetic, and is very different from the rules of French orthography. While general Creole features such as the loss of Konjugationsendungen, gender and number, the debate is simplified in that the rounded vowels coincide with the unrounded; it is thus ö to e, u to i and voiced and unvoiced beautiful falls with voiced and unvoiced s together.



These letters are not used: C H J Q X

Thus, these letters have been replaced:

  • C ( I or before E and S) replaced by K.
  • Ç was replaced by S.
  • H does not exist.
  • Ch was usually replaced by S.
  • J has been replaced with French-born words by Z in English descent through the letters Dy. Examples: The French word jour is called in Creole Zour, the English word means dyob job.
  • Qu was replaced by Kw. For example, the English word queen called in Creole kween.
  • X was replaced by Ks. Example: The word wax means to Kreol Waks.

Note: U is used only in conjunction with O. Example: Tou Nou and Poul.

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