SFA is an abbreviation for:

  • Service complémentaire féminin, Women's Department of the Army
  • Coal fly ash, a high-quality secondary raw material and place in building a variety of applications, see # fly ash re-use
  • Steuerfachangestellter, the qualified staff of Tax Advisors
  • Symphysis - fundus distance method to estimate the size of a fetus


  • National Film Archive of the GDR, was the central film archive of the German Democratic Republic
  • Swiss Film Association, see Swissperform # History

Research and Teaching:

  • Slow Feature Analysis, a learning algorithm
  • Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, USA
  • Foundation for the Promotion of arthroscopy
  • Substance-field analysis tool for modeling problem to TRIZ
  • Study-related language training



  • Scottish Football Association, the Football Association of Scotland
  • Sudan Football Association, the Football Association of Sudan


  • Sales Force Automation, a sales information system
  • Stochastic Frontier Analysis, a statistical analysis method of econometrics
  • Svenska Flygmotor Aktiebolaget (Svenska Flygmotor AB ), a manufacturer of aircraft engines from Sweden, since 1990 when Volvo Aero known
  • Swiss Funds Association, a Swiss trade organization

SFA as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Landkreis Soltau -Fallingbostel ( discontinued)
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