SFP is an abbreviation for:

  • Specific fan power, the specific fan power in air conditioning technology
  • Secretaría de la Función Pública, the political, secretary for the civil service ' in Mexico, comparable to a Ministry
  • Service For Peace, a peace organization
  • Self-fulfilling prophecy, the English term for self -fulfilling prophecy from psychology
  • Small Form- factor Pluggable, a terminal ( port) to a network device, such as a switch.
  • System File Protection, a mechanism that creates a backup of modified files in Windows to make changes in the system
  • Social Progress Party in South Tyrol, a former political party in South Tyrol with social democratic orientation
  • Social Freedom Party, a former free-market party in the American occupation zone
  • Société française de photographie, a French photographer association and the first photographic society in the world
  • Société française de physique, the French Physical Society, founded in 1873 with headquarters in Paris

Sfp is an abbreviation for:

  • A Finnish political party, see the Swedish People 's Party ( Finland)
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