SG Cortina

The SG Cortina is an Italian ice hockey club from Cortina d' Ampezzo, which currently plays in the Italian Elite.A.

1924, the club was founded as Gruppo Sportivo Dolomiti Cortina Hockey, since 1935, the team plays under the name of Associazione Sportiva Ghiaccio Cortina.

Now with 16 league titles, the club is the second most successful club in the history of Serie A, also the SG Cortina has been three times the Coppa Italia, the Italian Cup competition win.

Play their home games the team in the 2,700 -seater from Nuovo Stadio Olimpico, in which the team had moved in 2003 from the old Olympic Stadium.


Well-known former players

  • John Vecchiarelli
  • Robert Nordberg
  • Stefan Hellkvist
  • Peter Ekelund
  • Johan Hult
  • Johan Boman
  • January Hammar
  • Mathias Ahxnér
  • Mikael Pettersson

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