Shakha Proshakha

  • Ajit Bandyopadhyay: Anandamohan Majumdar
  • Haradhan Bandopadhyay: Probodh, eldest son
  • Lili Chakrabarti: Uma, Probodhs woman
  • Soumitra Chattopadhyay: Proshanto, second son
  • Dipankar Dey: Probir, third son
  • Mamata Shankar: Tapti, Probirs woman
  • Soham Chakraborty: Dingo, Probirs son
  • Ranjit Mallik: Protap, fourth son
  • Pramod Ganguli: senile grandfather

A tree and its branches ( Bengali: শাখা - প্রশাখা, Sakha - praśākhā ) is an Indian film directed by Satyajit Ray from 1990.


Anandamohan Majumdar has become by mere honest work for the most respected citizens of his city, which was renamed in Anandapur 10 years ago after him. He lives with his 93 -year-old senile father and his second eldest son Proshanto who is mentally damaged after an accident, together. His three other sons work in Kolkata in good positions. Anandamohan is convinced that you can get anywhere through honesty and hard work and his sons just like he act; his maxims loud Work is worship ( Work ennobles ) and Honesty is the best policy ( Honesty is the best ).

To celebrate his 70th birthday, he suffers in his honor held on a public celebration of the city a heart attack. His family, consisting of his eldest son Probodh with wife Uma, his third son with wife Tapati Prabir and the 5 - year-old grandson Dingo and the youngest son Protap, travels to from Kolkata. They stay for a week, during the Anandamohan must stay in bed.

The characters of the sons Quick emerge. At dinner accused Probodh Prabir to be a player and to have gambled all his money at the races. Prabir Probodh accused of tax evasion in order to finance the debauchery of his family. The mutual accusations set out to be true, because honesty does not pay. Proshanto suffers because the others work and he is condemned to idleness. Protap has quit his job and a theater group connected after it has determined that its corporate partner in a big way calls bribes from business partners. At a picnic, he explains to his brothers about it, because it is against corruption.

The visit to the father meet the brothers rather than an obligation, because of inner conviction. Is particularly evident the lack of character of the brothers by their indifference to her 93 -year-old, completely senile grandfather. They do not even bother to visit him in his room, where he is guarded by a caregiver.

On the day of departure Dingo told his grandfather what he has experienced in the week on honest and dishonest money. Anandamohan is deeply shocked and his initial enthusiasm for his sons has passed. When, after the departure of the other Proshanto first goes to his father, this is happy with tears in his eyes, that he was " still at least one uncorrupted son " has.


The production of this film was co-financed by Gérard Depardieu company DD Productions. Satyajit Ray came with the film adaptation of this original screenplay by Henrik Ibsen adaptation Ganashatru (1989 ) again emerged as auteurs. According to his own heart attack in 1984, although he was in poor health and almost confined to studio production, but he succeeded with this film an intimate play, facing the new and old values ​​of the business world and provides deep insight into the depths of a flawless outward-acting family.


" An autobiographical tinted family saga about the everyday corruption not only in the Indian society. The staged at a slow pace, in spite of sorrow hopeful decaying late work of moralists Ray reveals the gap between the generations and the unsaid, the lack of understanding behind the words. "