Shallow Hal

Shallow Hal (Original Title: Shallow Hal) is a comedy film from 2001, starring Jack Black and Gwyneth Paltrow in the lead roles. The film was directed by Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly, the script the Farrelly brothers wrote together with Sean Moynihan.


Hal Larson, who respects women only on appearances, meet in a stuck elevator Tony Robbins, who, after he learns Larson's views, these so mesmerized that he sees the intrinsic value of women as physical beauty. Shortly after, he learns the severely obese Rosemary Shanahan know. It is initially surprising, then angry, as Hal makes her compliments for their looks, but the two eventually fall in love themselves.

Larson meets Rosemary's father Steve Shanahan, in whose company he works for. Steve is excited about some ideas Larson and makes it to the personal assistant. He thinks, however, Larson was with his daughter only because of the career together what these outraged. Similar is the opinion of the office colleague of Larson.

However, the best friend of Hal Mauricio Wilson is worried whether its bad taste in his eyes and asked Robbins to stop the hypnosis. This tells Wilson the redeeming password that Wilson recites his friend. Larson looks after women differently than before. Because he loves Rosemary, he wants to be hypnotized again. Until then, he avoids meeting with Rosemary, so that their genuine appearance does not remain in his memory.

However, Robbins is unattainable, while Rosemary wants to fly to South America where they will be active for a longer time for the Peace Corps. Larson goes to her parents' house and reveals to her that he still loves despite their appearance. It also turns out that he, like the pledged during Peace Corps for the same use of Rosemary.


Svenja Hadler criticized the director in TV Movie 4/2002 as " inhibited " and "half-baked ". Also in filmdienst 4/2002, the film was criticized as " effort - conservative " and " unimaginative ". Gernot Gricksch wrote in TV -Today 4/2002, the film was " sensitive " Cinema 2/2002 certified him Properties like " charming ", " fantasy " and " heat ". Hörzu 7/2002 saw the film as " wonderfully quirky" to.


2002 Jack Black in the category "Film - Choice Actor, Comedy ", Gwyneth Paltrow in the category "Film - Choice Actress, Comedy ", as well as the film itself in the category "Film - Choice Movie, Comedy " for the Teen Choice Award nominated.


Kyle Gass, who founded the band Tenacious D with Jack Black plays in this film, a work colleague of Jack Black.