Shaman King

Shaman King (Japaneseシャーマンキング, Shaman Kingu ) is a completed manga series of the Japanese illustrator Hiroyuki Takei, which was implemented as anime.


Every 500 years there is a tournament between shamans from around the world, in order to determine the king of the shaman, who should receive the balance between life and death. Among them, the 13 -year-old Yo Asakura and his guardian spirit Amidamaru. In the fight against other shamans are Yo his best friend Manta Oyamada, his fiancée Anna Kyouyama and many more friends to the side. But for Yo itself there is a very specific goal, which had been established at birth. He has his twin brother Hao Asakura who lived before 1000 and 500 years and is now reborn for the third time, defeating, because this will destroy all the people to establish a kingdom of the shamans. So a long and dangerous journey for Yo and his friends begins.




Shaman King was released in Japan in 1998 in separate chapters in the manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump Shueisha publishing of until it was finished in 2004 abruptly after 285 chapters. These individual chapters were combined in 32 anthologies. Since 2008, the series is republished in kanzenban as Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang. This according to an announcement on the Jump Festa 2008, the " true ending " of the story will be included, which will begin with chapter 287. Anime News Network assumes that the new end of the manga will be released in April 2009.

In German a part of Shaman King from December 2001 to December 2005, appeared in individual chapters in the now-defunct manga magazine BANZAI! by Carlsen Comics. The publisher released the series in paperback form, 32 volumes have been published so far. In the 32 band the continuation of Shaman King was shown, the name is " The Song of the Funbari - Funbari Spa".


Based on the manga series, the animation studio Xebec an anime television series with 64 episodes that ran on the Japanese broadcaster TV Tokyo on July 4, 2001 to September 25, 2002 produced.

On German television series was aired at the end of 2004 completely kabel eins, ATVplus and Fox Kids and repeated by the German TV channel RTL 2 from 13 September 2006. The German -language version is based on the anime of 4kids Entertainment for the United States licensed and edited version.

The anime was also broadcast in other countries such as Italy, Spain, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Chile, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Poland, Taiwan, the Philippines, the Netherlands and the United States.

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According to the trade magazine manga scene, the concept of Shaman King also reminds the one of series such as Flame of Recca but sports series. So later, team spirit and friendship played a major role. However, since very many shamans occur embodies a lot of it just clichés. Still had some of the one-dimensional characters in a position to win the sympathy of the viewer. Despite the restriction of the action on duels and the introduction of new characters, it will come to surprising twists. Despite the many action and violence the series is humorous and so interesting for younger audience.

The backgrounds and animations are simple and the characters with something simple. Fighting would " spiced up " with computer effects. However, the anime was more of just a " pale imitation " of the manga.